The risk of malignant transformations depends directly on the size of the polyp. In 2%, this occurs when the size of the polyp is less than 1.5 cm, and in 2-10% - with sizes up to 2.5 cm, and if the polyp is about 5 cm, the probability of developing cancer cells will be more than 10%. In addition, it is believed that children are 50% more likely to get sick if their parents suffered from an adenomatous polyp.

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    Unfortunately, no such method has yet been developed that would allow determining the risk of tumors in a person with a family history. Thus, about 6% of the population are at risk, according to statistics, and regardless of the history of diagnosis in family members. Types of adenomatous polyps.

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    Those polyps that occur in the colon and other places of Amoxicillin tract (gastrointestinal tracta) are called villous. They are larger than other types. The main difference between villous adenomas is the absence of legs, and their appearance is velvety, somewhat reminiscent of cauliflower.

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    As for the likelihood of degeneration into cancer, it is quite high in villous polyps. Compared to other types of adenomas, doctors associate the highest morbidity and mortality with this type.

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    Also, they can provoke a syndrome of hypersecretion of ADH (antidiuretic hormone). The disease is characterized by abundant secretions of mucus, as well as hypokalemia. With the appearance of such polyps, the likelihood of the formation of carcinomas (cancerous tumors) increases. Tubular adenomas are the most common because they can be found anywhere in the colon. With formed tubular polyps, the likelihood of developing cancer is very small, unlike villous ones.

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    Often in patients, formations such as tubular-villous polyps are found. Localization, as a rule, is noted in the tissues of the gastrointestinal tract. These adenomatous polyps can become cancerous because they are at high risk of becoming cancerous. Causes of development of adenomatous polyps of the uterus.

As indicated in medical reference books, the formation of adenomas or adenomatous polyps of the uterus is a predisposing factor for the appearance of malignant tumors. The disease is very dangerous and requires constant supervision by an experienced specialist.

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  • If we talk about the symptomatic picture, the only sign that signals the presence of a polyp is uterine bleeding and cycle disorders. Some women have pain in the lower abdomen, but they appear, as a rule, during intercourse. Many with an adenomatous polyp are concerned about discharge.

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  • Thus, the main symptoms that can signal an adenomatous polyp disease are: pain in the lower abdomen; prolonged menstruation; bleeding; constant cycle failures; infertility; Many women cannot get pregnant because the cervical canal is closed by the formation and sperm cannot enter the uterine cavity. In most patients, a uterine polyp is diagnosed quite by accident, since development proceeds without characteristic symptoms.

In medicine, 3 types of adenomatous polyps are distinguished:

What method can be used to diagnose the disease? Polyps of the uterus are detected during a whole range of examinations by a gynecologist - these are ultrasound, examination by a doctor, hysteroscopy and histological examination in the clinic. For the treatment of polyps, surgical intervention is used: polypectomy, curettage of the uterine cavity, and in some cases, supravaginal amputation. Why women have adenomatous polyps of the uterus - there are several reasons: disturbances in the functions of the endocrine system; hormonal disbalance; stress; venereal diseases; curettage after a miscarriage; abortions; reduced immunity; intrauterine device; various inflammations of the pelvic organs; Effective treatment of uterine polyps

The most optimal method of treatment for adenomatous uterine polyps today, experts note endoscopic polypectomy. After the operation, the patient is sent for an ultrasound examination in 3-4 days. Depending on the results of all tests, postoperative treatment is prescribed. This may include the following: hormone therapy; a course of antibiotics; anti-inflammatory drugs; If a woman plans to conceive, it is recommended that she use oral contraceptives for some time to normalize hormonal levels.

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It should be noted that after surgery for hysteroscopic removal of formations (polyps), patients may experience spotting and spasms for 10 days. Sexual activity these days is contraindicated. Therapeutic tactics in the clinic will be determined by the age of the patient, the histotype of education and the presence of menstrual dysfunction. When the polyp has a fibrous structure, and the cycle is not broken, the treatment of patients is limited to polypectomy with curettage of the uterus (short operation, gynecological cleaning).

  • After surgery to remove the glandular type of polyp, an additional course of treatment with hormonal drugs is mandatory. The main goal is to normalize hormonal processes in a woman's body. In the case of relapses (repeated formations), treatment may consist of repeated curettage. Adenomatous polyp of the stomach - description.

This disease, according to statistics, is more common in people of Amoxicillin age up to 50 years, although a certain percentage of patients are young people and children. Representatives of a strong half of people are 2 times more likely to suffer from adenomatous polypsquality.

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  • amoxil, the more dangerous this type of formation is, when adenomatous polyps appear, the risk of their degeneration into malignant tumors increases. Polyps more than two centimeters with a wide base are more dangerous in terms of Amoxicillin into malignant tumors.

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